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FAQ DJ Service

Commonly Asked Questions About Our St. Louis DJ Service

How Long Have You Been In Business

We previously worked with another company here in St. Louis for nearly 15 years and we split from them in January 2022 to develop our own independent company.  We have many years of experience in both DJ and DIY rentals and have provided service to hundreds of events.

Will the DJ act as our MC and help control the flow of our event

Yes, your DJ will make all announcements and will coordinate directly with you and your other vendors to make your evening flow as smoothly as possible.  The DJ will also tastefully inspire your guests to dance and have fun without being overbearing on the microphone. You can count on the DJ to help keep things on track and guide you through the entire night, which leads to the most enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

How does the timing work with the on-site ceremony package

With this package, the service must run concurrently; ceremony with reception closely following.  We do require that you book the DJ from the start time of the ceremony prelude through the conclusion of the reception with no breaks in between. You should also plan to start your DJ 30 minutes prior to the actual ceremony start time with prelude music. If, for example, your reception is 6-10 and your ceremony starts at 5:00, it would be advised to add one additional half hour to the service.  This way the DJ would be scheduled from 4:30-10:00 and everything would be covered.  The DJ will set up the reception system first and will then set up the PA for the ceremony.  The PA sets up and takes down quickly, which makes the transition from the ceremony to the reception very efficient.  If you have further questions about our process with combining the reception and on-site ceremony package, please call or email us.

How do we make our planning and music requests

Planning the music and special events of your wedding or party is easy.  Just click on the link in the header bar that says "Other" and in the drop down menu choose "Music & Planning".  When this page opens you will have full access to our event planner, music request list and timeline forms.  They are pretty self explanatory but if you need help, we are just a phone call or email away.  We recommend submitting these forms to us approximately 3 weeks prior to your event date. You can start on these forms at any time and work on them as often as you like.

When is our DJ appointed and will we get to talk with our DJ before the event date

We appoint your DJ approximately 2 weeks prior to your event date after we review the on line forms you submit to us.  We then submit your forms directly to your DJ for him/her to also review.  Your DJ will then contact you by phone to go through all the specific details and timing of your event with you.  Our office will contact you by email prior to that letting you know who your DJ will be, and the day and approximate time they will be contacting you.  We are very flexible and can also work around your best scheduling time for this call as well.

Are there any additional charges for set up and tear down

No, set up and tear down is included in the package price and does not cut into the hours you have us booked for.  The DJ typically arrives about 75 minutes prior to the contract start time for load in and set up.  The DJ will then provide service for the entire contract time period.  When the event has concluded, the DJ will take down the system and load out.  Tear down and load out usually takes about 30 minutes or less depending on the access.

How does the Party-Operator Package work

The Party-Operator Package is basically a music operator/technician who delivers, sets up the system and plays the music you have chosen. He does this either by your guideline or how he best sees fit if you do not provide a guideline. The operator absolutely does not make announcements on the microphone nor does he orchestrate your event, that will be entirely your responsibility with this package.  You are however welcome to use the microphone we provide with the system for any announcements you, or someone you appoint, needs to make. This is a very budget friendly package for people not needing all the bells and whistles of a DJ/MC package.  We do however provide all the music for you based on the selections you make from our online music database program.  If there are selections you want that are not available in the database, you would be responsible for providing them to the DJ.  You can by sending us actual files but what most people do is just send us a Spotify link.

What is the back up plan for the day of our event

We always have a back up DJ on-call and lots of back up equipment on hand and ready in the event of an emergency on the day of your event.  DJ's can get sick and have emergencies too, so we are completely prepared with back up all the way around in the event of any situation that requires a replacement DJ or back up equipment.

Is DJ gratuity included in your pricing

No, DJ or Operator gratuity is not included in our pricing and is considered optional on your part. DJ tipping is customary however, and is greatly appreciated regardless of the amount.  Our DJ's really put a lot of personal effort into making sure you have the best party, so whatever you can afford is great. We don't like to give a specific recommended amount as that really varies. Our DJ's have received anything from as little as $20.00 to as much as $200.00, it's entirely up to you.

What does the DJ wear

For weddings the DJ wears dress pants/shoes, jacket and tie. For non-formal events we generally just discuss this with the customer prior to the event to determine the best attire.

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