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PA & Ceremony FAQ

Most commonly asked questions about our St. Louis Ceremony rentals and St. Louis PA rentals

How do we choose the right DIY ceremony package

Our Basic Event PA-Ceremony System and options will handle the needs of almost any size ceremony. These systems sound great for background music, singers, readers and line level instruments, such as a keyboard or guitar with a direct box. We offer a great variety of microphone options and the system is both lightweight and very easy to set up. For music you can hook in your phone, iPod or laptop and the system will pair with any Bluetooth device. We give you full instruction at the time of pick up. Simple, easy and affordable for an excellent quality ceremony PA system

How does the full service ceremony package work

With this option, everything is provided for you including all delivery, set up and return of the system. We also play the music through our own devices, so it's 100% hands free for you.  One of our technicians will arrive about 45 minutes prior to the prelude music start time for load in and set up. He will also set up any microphones you have added for your officiant, readers, singers, etc., You will need to let us know the music you want for the prelude, processional and recessional.  The extra charge is $225.00 in addition to the PA system and whatever options you choose.

How does the microphone set up work

If you are adding wireless microphones to your package you will have the option of handheld w/stand, lapel or headset with body pack. For outdoor ceremonies and events, lapels are not recommended, but our slim-line headset or hand held systems work fantastic.  You can choose any combination of microphones you prefer and we preset the the frequencies for you, so it's simple and effective.

What if I need a PA for a different type of event

No problem, we frequently rent these systems for speaking events, or events where only background music is needed. We can also adjust the systems to meet the size and space of larger non-wedding events.  For example, our systems are used at all the major Purina Event Center dog shows throughout the year.  These are large indoor and outdoor events that we provide completely customized PA and microphone systems for.

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